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How we raise our puppies...

At Womlu we understand that Mastiffs are a highly intelligent but very sensitive breed and therefore their early development and stimulation is extremely important. We believe that giving our puppies the best possible start is vital. We have therefore designed our home around them. We have the puppy palace which is a room that is fully heated and air conditioned, has a television and it's own 8ft x 6ft, rubber floored whelping area for mum and the puppies ensuring that they can have their own easily cleaned, safe space. We know the importance of having a whelpingbox that can be easily cleaned and sanitised to minimise the risk of any infection. We have also covered the puppy palace floor in 10mm gym rubber flooring to ensure that the puppies have enough traction and cannot slip as they develop. We use artificial grass puppy toilet training pads for our litters. We have found these invaluable and have meant that our puppies are toilet trained by 6 weeks old. We contacted The Dales Company about building us a bespoke whelpingbox, We gave them the measurements and our requirements to ensure that the box was both practical but comfortable for the puppies as they develop. As you can see from the photographs below it has a stable door for easy access, a mesh section for them to be able to see out of as they grow but for keeping them draught free as very young puppies and it has a solid lower section.

Whelpingbox 3.jpeg
Whelpingbox 2.jpeg
Whelpingbox 1.jpeg

In early 2020 we created a fully fenced outdoor play area for the puppies that they can access direct from the puppy palace. It is approximately 100ft x 30ft with patio spaces and outside activity area that they can play in safely and watch the rest of the Womlus play in the main garden.

Outdoor play area2.jpeg
Poutoor play area 1.jpeg

We have our kennel/chalet area which is fully double glazed, heated/air conditioned, has the gym rubber flooring just like the puppy palace and has 3 very large rooms with separate sleeping areas. One of these rooms we have used to create our puppy activity room. This room has an indoor swing area, soft play corner, tunnels, piano play mat, toy filled sand pit, hanging toys and even a story telling dragon.

Activity room 2.jpeg
Activity room 3.jpeg
Activity room 1.jpeg

Puppy play time

Womlu Mastiffs
Puppy play time
Puppy play time
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Dragon story time
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Activity room walkthrough
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Tracey sleeps in the puppy palace with each litter until they leave us, whether that is 8 weeks or older, depending on what suits you as a family. That way we can be certain that the puppies are happy 24 hours a day. Our puppies all leave with a puppy information pack with a 5 generation pedigree, 5 weeks free insurance, a wormer for their 12 week worming date, information on issues that can affect Mastiffs growth, bloat, history of the breed and a photograph of the whole litter with their mum. A blanket that has the smell of the their siblings, a toy and their first collar. We also provide a 2 week supply of their food to enable them to have continuity when they first leave us. So it's more like having a home from home. We encourage anyone interested in getting a puppy to meet us and our Womlu family to answer any questions you may have about owning a Mastiff.

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