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About Us

We first fell in love with Mastiffs in the early 90s buying our first Mastiff Tigger in 1991 from Bob Burgess and Maddie. We decided that we wanted to try dog showing with Tigger and although he wasn't a perfect 'show dog' he gave us the show bug and a love for all things Mastiff.

A young Steve with Tigger

After owning a number of Mastiffs over the years bred by Elaine Knight of Kumormai Mastiffs and only showing occasionally due to work commitments. The chance came to have a puppy from a dog we had admired for many years that reignited our passion to show again. This dog was Champion Chevelu Easter Parade For Heffalump aka Womble owned by Kim Dodd-Utting, Emma Herring and Jamie Dodd. We had even named our pet Tortoise Womble after him thinking that we would never have the chance to own a Womble baby!

Womble the Tortoise.jpeg
Womble the Mastiff.jpeg
The two Wombles

We bought two male puppies from a litter that he sired with Faynad Black Cala Lily, our wonderful boys Dumpling and Christian in July 2015.

 We had some success in the show ring winning Best Puppy In Breed at Crufts 2016 with Christian and Reserve Challenge Certificates with both of the boys.

The Womlu affix was soon born. Dumpling and Christian's litter were affectionately known as ' The Womlus ' after their dad Womble and mum Lu Lu , So this seemed like the perfect name to honour both of them .

The idea of breeding our very own litter and being back in the show ring led to the arrivals of Tabitha, Morticia and Jack and later on Amelia, Amos and then Delilah.

Morticia and Jack both loved being in the show ring. Jack was Best Puppy at Crufts in 2018 and Morticia proudly soon became our first ever Champion in the show ring after 27 years of being loved by Mastiffs.

During this time with a passion for ensuring that our dogs always had a supply of good quality raw food we opened our own raw food company Womlu Petfoods Ltd.

Looking to broaden the bloodlines we fell in love with Bailey, Champion Collateral To The Future Bailey at Cyberus owned by Simon and Teresa Andrews of Cyberus Mastiffs. This led us to our gorgeous Bertie, Cyberus It's All About Bertie For Womlu who is a Bailey son and his mother Jasmine, Champion Jasmine Jewel Du Ranc De Bannes is from the Ranc De Bannes French bloodlines.

Bailey & Jasmine

The first ever Womlu litter was planned between Morticia and Christian and much to our delight , 10 healthy puppies arrived safely in September 2019. Morticia was an amazing mum and thoroughly enjoyed her maternal duties apart from the night cleaning which she happily relinquished to Tracey!

From this litter we kept  3 puppies Zelda, Pudding and Tiger. We have since also imported Phenomenal Edgar Assisi from Kornelia Czirjak of Assisi Mastiffs in Germany. Our latest addition to the Womlu family is Madeleine aka Cyberus Little Madam For Womlu from Simon and Teresa Andrews in September 2020. Our second litter was a litter of 7 between Baby Jack and Tabitha born in November 2020 and we have kept one girl called Blossom, who we hope will also fly the Womlu flag.

All our Mastiffs are health tested, live inside and are loved and adored by us as part of our family. We have both taken early retirement so that we can be with the Womlus 24/7 and make sure that they have all the love and attention they need.

Knowing that the welfare of our dogs is paramount, prior to our first litter we had a separate room built affectionately known as ' The Puppy Palace '. This is air conditioned, has it's own television and its own indoor play area for the puppies ensuring that they can have plenty of stimulation required for their confident development. In early 2020 we created a fully fenced outdoor play area for the puppies that they can access direct from the puppy palace. It is approximately 100ft x 30ft with patio spaces and outside activity area that they can play in safely and watch the rest of the Womlus play in the main garden. Zelda, Pudding and Tiger were chief site managers and made sure that we made all the right decisions along the way. We have also created a fully heated/air conditioned play activity room for the puppies which includes an indoor swing area, soft play corner, tunnels, piano play mat, toy filled sand pit and hanging toys. Please see our dedicated how we raise our puppies page for more information.

Indoor Play Area1.jpeg
Indoor Play Area.jpeg
Outdoor Play Area.jpeg
Outdoor Play Area1.jpeg
Outdoor Play Area2.jpeg

We welcome anyone to come by appointment and see our Mastiffs at home with us at  " Womluland " to see if you think that a Mastiff is the right breed for you and your family. We will happily answer any questions you may have about the breed as we know owning a Mastiff is a big lifelong commitment. We have some exciting plans going on behind the scenes, watch this space for more information as they develop!

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